Current Courses 

Finance , FNCE101,  Business Core for Undergrads

Corporate Finance, FNCE680, Blended MSc in Mgt

Past Courses

Advanced Portfolio Management (Syllabus for 2021), FNCE6004, Core Course for M.Sc. in Applied Finance 

Finance (Blended), FNCE6038/6039/6040, Combined Core Course for MCM, MHCL, and MI programs. Co-instructor.

Financial Markets (Syllabus), FNCE699, Elective course for MSc in Mgt.

Financial instruments, Institutions, and Markets (Syllabus), FNCE102, School Core for Undergrads

Older Courses

Introduction to Financial Databases (workshop for incoming finance PhD students) at Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University. 

International Finance (FIN725, Undergrad) at Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University. Syllabus